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Backyard Summer Camp: Superhero Theme

I have a house full of superhero loving people. I even enjoy the movies. They love dressing up in costume and playing superhero. This superhero theme was inspired by and for them. We love being active, my kids never stop moving!

Backyard Summer Camp_ superhero theme

Backyard Summer Camp: Superhero Theme

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I don’t believe that we should have our kids scheduled for every minute of everyday. My kids don’t expect me to entertain them. I’m pretty sure that the only time they tell me that they are bored and expect me to entertain them is why I am doing something very exciting, like cleaning a toilet. Yes, apparently that is my kids idea of a fun time.

Superhero Activities

Design Your Superhero Cape – Grab some paper and have your kids create plan for your kids to plan out their own cape. You can make a simple cape for an old t-shirt, Pinterest has a lot of how-tos. You can also buy pre-made capes to decorate yourself.

Fitness Competition – Set up a little healthy competition in your backyard. You don’t have to do metals or ribbons but can if you want, and it adds a little more fun and challenge. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Set up relay races.

How can jump the farthest.

Plastic bow and arrow set to shoot like Hawk-Eye.

Balancing act. Do you have some where they can practice balancing? How long can the stand on one foot before needing to put their other one down?

“Aquaman” Water Density – Call it Aquaman if you want, but we simply called it water density.

Temperature and Water Density

Sticky Spider WebPainters tape is sticky, but won’t ruin walls or paint. You could set it up outside between trees, or playground equipment, or inside in a hallway. You are going to make a spiderweb of tape. You want to make sure that little bodies (your kids) can move through it, but you don’t have to make it too easy.

You could also have them create them for their siblings, or other friends if you are including any friends in your background summer camp.

“Hulk” Slime – The only thing that is going to make this slime recipe Hulk like, would be to use green food coloring. Other than that, it’s just the best slime recipe we have ever used, and we have tried a lot.

Have fun. You can mix and match activities from all the themes. Do one theme a day instead of one a week. Make this summer a one your kids will always remember, for the fun, not for the hard times that the world is going through right now.

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