Backyard Summer Camp: Water Theme

This DIY summer camp is a water theme and would be great during a hot, summer week. Make sure you check out all of our DIY Backyard Summer Camp ideas! Water is the best part of summer! Jumping through the sprinkler, swimming in the pool, water balloon fights, and everything water-related for cooling down.

Backyard Summer Camp_ water theme

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I don’t entertain my kids, inside or outside. But the best source of entertainment when they are outside is water. Whether it is a bucket of water, a kiddie pool, or a swimming pool. These kids love water and love to get wet.

We spend so much time at the beach, my kids are happiest when it was low tide and there were small pools of water trapped by sandbars. A bucket and shovel for each of them and they were happy for the afternoon.

Activities for A Water Themed Backyard Summer Camp:

Water Balloon Toss Water balloons are kind of like eggs. They break when handled roughly, and trying to catch them is hard.

Leaky Cup Relay Race – Poke a hole or two into a plastic cup. Full with water and race back and forth to fill a larger cup. Whoever fills the larger cup first wins. The more holes you poke into your cup the harder, and longer it takes. And the wetter the player gets.

Sponge Toss – Soak some sponges in water, and then have a friend, but a wet game of toss. Toss the sponge around, back and forth. the first few people are going to get soaked… maybe soak the sponge again in a bucket of water. Add some Dawn for bubbly fun.

Slip and Slide – You can make your own slip and slide, or you can go buy one, which is where I land because I don’t want to make something else, to be honest.

Kiddie Pool Fishing – Tie a piece of string to a stick, a paper clip on the other end of the string. Toss some fun little things into a kiddie pool and go fishing. No one falls in!

Sprinkler Red Light, Green LightTurn the sprinkler on a hot day, and play a friendly, wet game of Red Light, Green Light.

Water Gun Target Practice – You can buy little dixie cups, and squirt guns at a dollar store. Build a tower of cups, and shoot at them with your squirt gun.

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