Learning Contractions in Language Arts

Language arts is quickly becoming one of my favorite subjects to teach my kids. There are so many ways to make learning fun. Not to mention that we picked a darn good curriculum to use this year. One of the things we have been having fun with is learning contractions.

Learning Contractions in Language Arts

Learning Contractions in Language Arts

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How are Learning Contractions in Language Arts – Our Homeschool

In our homeschool, I used the puzzles to introduce contractions. I made one of the puzzles to start. We talked about how we talk. About how contractions are used more in informal writing and speech. And then we put all the puzzles together, together.

My kids like to get these out for random playing and learning and I do not stop them, they have a bit of unschooling, always learning personalities. These have been proving useful for helping with spelling in language arts as well, they are getting practice reading the words as well.

Learning Contractions in Language Arts - contractions language arts

Contraction Clip Cards

These contraction clip cards are a fun and interactive way to practice reading and breaking down contractions. They are great for early readers, using the smaller words first, such as I, we, will, etc. Start small and build confidence as you go along.

Read the sentence, and break down the underlined contraction marking their choice of the words with a paper clip or clothespin. I put a small mark on the back of each card marking which is the correct answer before laminating, this makes them self-correcting. You can see an example of how I do it here.

Follow this link or the picture to find them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Contraction Puzzles

Are you looking for a hands-on activity to boost contraction recognition with your students? These make practice fun. A hands-on game to practice with.

This set includes 66 contraction puzzles in black and white – two different styles of puzzles one being easier to cut out!

These puzzles are great for classroom centers, for siblings to practice together, and for kids to work on quietly while mom work with other siblings, on her business, or around the house.

Learning Contractions in Language Arts
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