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Christmas Fun and Learning for Your Homeschool

We are more relaxed in our homeschool. We go with the flow, learn based on interests, on need in our life, and on the holidays. We like to plan homeschooling in December around Christmas fun and learning. Because learning is done best when we are having fun.

Christmas Fun and Learning for Your Homeschool

Christmas Fun and Learning for Your Homeschool

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Christmas gingerbread house

Green Kids Crafts has some great boxes that you can order now to do during the month of December. Starting with the Gingerbread house pictured above. They also have felt tree ornament kits, eco-friendly ornament kits, swirly ornament kits, snowflake ornament kits, and felt tabletop tree kits.

Green Kids Crafts are the perfect craft for pulling out when you don’t want to plan, and don’t want to worry about shopping for everything needed for a craft because they come with everything you need.

STEAM Kids Christmas book

STEAM Kids Christmas is the perfect book for December. Pick and choose what you want to do from the book, or – work through all 25 holiday projects in the book.

Christmas around the world Online unit study

Have you done a unit study in your homeschool? There are the traditional, books pied high ones, and then there are digital unit studies like this one, Christmas Around the World.

Learn about homeschooling in 10 different countries, and have a final project to happily complete at the end: a Christmas Feast.

This online unit study integrates multiple subjects for multiple ages of students. Students access websites and videos and complete digital projects. With Online Unit Studies’ easy-to-use E-course format, no additional books and print resources are needed. Just gather supplies for hands-on projects and register for online tools.

3D Christmas tree

Teens can create their own 3D Christmas tree! This looks so very cool, something your older homeschool children might be really interested in doing this December. You teens, OR children with a strong interest and experience and supervision, as it is more advanced.

Christmas Fun and Learning for Your Homeschool

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