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My Favorite Mom Things this Summer

Summer is officially here and hot. I am so happy that we are finished with our homeschool lessons for the year, and I’m not quite ready to get deep into planning for the coming year yet. I am happy to be relaxing and enjoying reading books, and working on our yard. Curb appeal baby!

My Favorite Things this Summer

My Favorite Things this Summer

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The Silent Patient – Not my normal read, but this was such a great book. I could not put this book down once I started it.

Invisibobble Hair Ties – I LOVE these. We have been using them for years, but since cutting my hair again, these actually keep my hair back in a tiny little pony tail like no others and they don’t break your hair.

Nova Scotia Fisherman – Rescue Balm – I love this rescue balm for my dry, cracked heels. They are not as much a fan of flip flops as I am and this stuff works magic on them. And it is not easy to find in Saskatchewan.

Live Clean Face Products – I love this line. Moisturizer for the dry summer heat, cleanser that is gentle but perfect. And being a Canadian line is just a bonus.

A big floppy hat – This is the best for gardening, for sitting and reading, you name it. No more sunburns on my face! I seem to be burning easier this year, and I hate the feel of sunscreen on my face in particular.

A BIG Canvas Bag – Something to carry all of our things in, whether it’s a trip to the playground, the park, the beach, or even just out in the yard. Hubby always teases me about finding a bag big enough for the kids to fit in, but I hate making multiple trips, or carrying multiple bags when one can get the job done.

Contigo Water Bottle Metal – We have these bottles and they keep our water nice and cold while we’re outside no matter how hot it is outside. I’m always surprised by the cold water inside the bottle compared to the warmth of the outside of the bottle.

Flip Flops – I spend all summer in my flop flops rarely wearing anything else on my feet. I don’t like the cheap ones with the plastic between my toes, I get blisters looking at those ones. I like quality.

Slow Cooker – I think I should mention this one, because I’m not using my oven at all this summer and am enjoying cooking new meals in my slow cookers.

Mom Wife  Boss Tank – My favorite tank for relaxing around the house and yard.

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