What a Typical Homeschool Day Looks Like

Have you ever wondered what homeschooling looks like? I am going to share just what our homeschool day typically looks like. Typically looks like, because not every day goes as planned, or even happens for that matter. I say that we are eclectic homeschoolers because we do book work, and worksheets with the books, but we also do a lot of unschooling.

What a Typical Homeschool Day Looks Like

What a Typical Homeschool Day Looks Like

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Some days go perfectly as planned, and some days we just throw our hands up in the air and make it an unschool kind of day and learn from life. This isn’t perfect, life isn’t perfect but we’re all learning. For instance, we all learned last week that polar bear’s skin is actually black. Who knew?!

My kids are great at grabbing a book randomly to read, or asking to work on school-related learning like math or writing. They love to learn so I try to not force it all day but guide it more so.

What a Typical Homeschool Day Looks Like

Weekly Homeschool Schedule

5:30 am – I get up, get the coffee started, and hit the treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes

6:15 am – Coffee time! This is my time to work on blogging related things (I LOVE this Flex Brew coffee maker)

7-8 am – Kids are slowly getting up, getting breakfast, dressed, and all that


9 am – School starts! Usually. We start with a read-aloud. BookShark has a great selection of books that we are working our way through reading this year

9:30 am – Copy work or creative writing

10 am – We go to our local library from story and crafts

Tuesday / Thursday

9 am – Read aloud, including reading from our science curriculum book

9:30 am – worksheets that correspond to the science book, including a science experiment

10 / 10:30 am – math and copy work (depending on how long it takes Brookland to get the sheets done, she is Queen of daydreaming)


Nothing. We do four days of school a week, taking Wednesday off. Grocery shopping day, a trip to the science center or museum, etc.


9 am – Start with a read-aloud. We also read through our book for History

9:30 am – Copy work or creative writing

10 am – Math

3:30 pm – after school program for the girls at our local library

Homeschool Day Afternoons

School is mainly just the mornings here right now. My girls are 8 and 6 years old and enjoy learning. I want them to continue to enjoy learning, and learning about things that interest them. The afternoons are, for the most part, about those interests. We have a subscription to Reading Eggs for all three, and they really enjoy it.

Some days we watch movies in the afternoon that might be related to something we learned about that day. Such as when we finished reading Charlotte’s Web.

What a Typical Homeschool Day Looks Like - Baked Pie

Edited to Add:
We have changed a lot since I wrote this a few years ago. But the general schedule remains the same. We still take Wednesday off to give us a break in the middle, a chance to explore each’s own interests and meet up with other homeschoolers.

We still aren’t doing school lessons in the afternoon in grades 2, 4, and 6.

What does a homeschool day look like in your homeschool?

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