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How To Use Amazon Prime in Your Homeschool

This is our third year homeschooling, and now our second year as Amazon Prime members, and it has been great for homeschooling. It’s not just great for homeschooling though, it’s great for it, but has been great for so many things in our life.

How To Use Amazon Prime in Your Homeschool

How To Use Amazon Prime in Your Homeschool

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The best part of being an Amazon Prime member as a homeschooler is that I don’t have to wait a week or more to get the things I really need or want. For the moments when I’m planning our upcoming week, or decide to change our plans and do something in our homeschool.

What Do You Get

Fast, free shipping. On over 50 million eligible items. That fast shipping, is two-day shipping. You get unlimited deliveries with no minimum order size, and with millions of eligible items. You only have two wait TWO days for things you want for homeschool.

Prime includes popular movies and TV shows for you to stream, for you to download Amazon Prime Originals including The Tick. There are French Subtitled movies. They have Mr. Bean in their TV shows – which my children and I LOVE.

There is a great selection of documentaries too. One we’re excited to watch is Ancient Gods of Egypt once we get there in our History lessons.

Top deals for Students on electronics, school supplies and more.

Those deals that you see Amazon offers everyday? You get to see them before they are available before non-Amazon prime members

Why You Want It

You can use these in your homeschool.

You can change your mind on your homeschool plans, you can be a last minute planner and as long as you see the Prime check you can get your items within days. This right here, the shipping, is why we first signed up for Amazon Prime.

You can also sign up for Audible for ebooks, Prime members get 3 free months to try it out (I hate 1 month trials don’t you?) and 3 free audiobooks.

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