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Back to School Hair Styles for Little Girls

Getting ready for back to school is fun and exciting for little girls and boys. Getting new school supplies, new books, new clothes and such. Why not try some new hair styles too? Something pretty, and relatively easy.

Little girls hair styles

Back to School Hair Styles for Little Girls

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Putting your daughter’s hair up, keeping it back from their faces and flying all  over the place is helpful in preventing lice, and for keeping it out of your child’s face. I hate when my girls have their hair in their face. It usually leads to them tripping or walking into something because they can’t see.

This one is super simple to do too, which not only makes it perfect for anyone to be able to do, but also perfect for early mornings.

You start by dividing the top into two sections. Brookland here has such thin hair that I like to use small hair elastics in her hair. They hold better, plus being small, I’m not having to wrap it around the hair a whole bunch of times.

Little girls hair styles

You will then divide the bottom section of hair into two sections, similar to the top, but, do not put an elastic in it. Take the bottom left section as though in a ponytail and the top right pony tail. Pull the pony tail to the bottom and elastic.

Little girls hair styles

Repeat with the other pony tail and section. Done. You may want to use a little hair spray to help keep hair in place.

Do you have any ways that you do your child’s hair to keep it out of their faces while they are learning and having fun?


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