Little Girls Hair Elastic Roped

While we are a homeschooling family now, I still worry about lice (ewww!) especially in my oldest, her hair is so thick, thicker than mine or anyone else’s in our home. Girls hair tend to end up in their face, flying every which way, and all of that.

Now instead of school hair we have gymnastic hair, more of a keeping it out of their face rather than avoiding lice.

Little Girls Hair Styles - Roped

Little Girls Hair Elastic Roped

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Start by getting you hair elastics ready… don’t wait until you have hair in one hand and you are trying to get elastics out of a container or bag.

The one type of elastics I use are the rubber ones, they work for both girls and I’m not worried about them breaking or getting lost, in fact, I’ll cut them sometimes if the girls have gone to bed with them in their hair.

It is always easier to work with wet or damp hair, so we spray it down with plain ol’tap water in a spray bottle and brush through.

Divide hair down the middle and start sectioning off hair.

Little Girls Hair Styles - Roped

The sections of hair can be smaller than we have here, she chose how many she wanted, and she isn’t a huge fan of Momm doing her hair.

Little Girls Hair Styles - Roped

Do one side completely before moving to do the other. Simply try to match the other side to your first.

Little Girls Hair Styles - Roped

This can be done with medium length hair Austin’s is just to her shoulders but would easily be able to be done with longer hair. Trying to do this on shorter hair might be more challenging.

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