A Quick Skittles Experiment for Kids

Who doesn’t love science experiments and snacks? Why not combine the two of them as we did for a fun Skittles experiment? Did your kids get Skittles while Trick or Treating this Halloween? My did not, I was completely counting on them to do a couple different experiments. Because I don’t normally buy Skittles it took us almost a month before I remembered to grab a bag. Can I call “Mommy Brain” here?

Skittles Experiment

Skittles Experiment for Kids

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This was a fun little experiment that only took minutes from beginning to finish. Unlike our Candy Cane experiment which was a longer one, but still fun.

  • a plate
  • warm water
  • Skittles.

How to Do this Skittles Science Experiment

Arrange your Skittles in a circle around the plate, by the way, a white plate is going to work the best, you’ll see the colors a lot better.

Pour the warm water into the center of your circle, just enough to touch the bottom of the Skittles.

Now sit back and watch. Within a minute or two you should start to see color around each candy.

The colors will start to stretch or melt into the middle of the plate, creating a rainbow.  You can watch the rainbow grow right before your eyes.

After the color reached the center of the plate we flipped the Skittles over, and my kids were interested in the look of them then. You can see the bottom of one of them where my daughter’s fingers as she flips one over.

You can use any colored Skittles you like, maybe even try it with all of them! For a little more holiday friendly science experiment, grab a bag of the Christmas Skittles (red and green).

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