Christmas is over, and we have a lot of candy canes hanging out in our cupboard, and while both girls enjoy them, I don’t want to deal with cavities or little girls hopped up on candy (canes).

We set up an experiment to see what would dissolve them and watched to see what did so faster, or in some cases at all.

We started with Cold Water, Hot Water, White Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, and EVOO. Any liquid in the cupboard that we could see through, reaction (acid) or not.

I made sure to label them, so the clear ones wouldn’t get confused.

Candy Cane Melt


We talked about what we thought would happen, and Austin guessed right away that in the hot water that it would melt. After that she wasn’t too sure.

Of course true scientist that we were, we had our control. Which was eaten at the end.

Candy Cane Melt

We watched, waited, talked about how the colors were swirling, how fast the colors were melting away.

They weren’t interested in going anywhere, they sat and watched each candy cane like someone was going to steal it.

Candy Cane Melt

They were disappointed that nothing happened with the EVOO, and that the same thing was happening it both the white vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

Candy Cane MeltCandy Cane Melt


If you have extra candy canes laying around after the holidays such as we did, I invite you to experiment with your children and let me know how it goes.