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How We Homeschool on A Budget

I love shopping, I love shopping back to school supplies, I always have. I’m homeschooling on a budget this year for two kids, officially anyway. A budget that allows for me to buy what I want/need and have the school district reimburse us, but also get what I can for free as well.

These tips, tricks don’t have to be for homeschoolers. You can save on your own books, or books for your kids to enjoy.

homeschool on a budget

how we homeschool on a budget

Homeschool on A Budget

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Homeschool shopping on a budget is not always easy, you aren’t always going to find a great deal. If you are looking for a specific curriculum, a boxed curriculum in particular, you might not be able to find a “great” or sale price for them.

We are eclectic homeschoolers, using a few workbooks, books from our personal and public libraries, and life to learn from.

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Swagbucks helps me buy half of the books that we have in our collection, both my kids books and my own books from Amazon. I have the Chrome extension installed on my browser so that any website that linked their shop and earn program that I visit, I can earn points from. Every so many points I can “cash” in towards a reward, like Amazon gift cards – my favorite.


I get half of our books from Amazon. Their prices are amazing, and they often have sales on them, and they have so many other great homeschool products.

how we homeschool on a budget

Chapters Indigo

The other half of my books comes from Chapters Indigo. They have also deals, I love buying when they have 2X or 5X Plum Points deals happening which go towards free books!


I found free printables from around the web, I have some favorite sites that I visit, sites that always have free printables of some kind.

Buying used curriculum is a great money saver! There are many Facebook groups that as homeschoolers you need to check out. I can’t list them because you are going to want to find local groups or provincial/state groups. I’m part of at least 4 buy and sell / trade groups where I can find great deals.

You don’t have to buy anything if you have no budget to work with. Check out the free educational resources that I’ve shared before, and check out your local library. We have found work books at ours, and while you can’t write in them, you can photocopy a page or two, get an idea of what you’d like your kids to learn.

Don’t let budget define whether or not you can homeschool.

How do you find ways to save on homeschool supplies?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.