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Having a Great Picnic without Spending

Warm weather means more time outside in the sunshine or sitting in the shade. Summer was made for picnics. From the simply the kids having lunch outside, to families getting together for a large picnic style family reunion.

Having a Great Picnic without Spending

Having a Great Picnic without Spending

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My grandmother used to take my sister and I for picnics on the beach all the time. They lived just a few minutes walk from a great, basically private beach. There were rarely times that you would see anyone else there.

We have so many happy memories on that beach. And that’s what I want to recreate fr my kids, maybe not at that specific beach but in general. Carefree, fun days, that no one was worried about much else but having fun.

A Free Afternoon of Fun

Picnics could be the greatest free, or next best thing to free, day out with family and friends, or even a date with your partner.

We have enjoyed setting up a picnic in our backyard during the spring and early autumn and taking out lessons outside. Even if we are just having snacks during read-a-louds or during quiet reading time.

How can it be free (or close)? Simple:

  • You want to find somewhere that is free.
  • Take everything with you, no stopping for pop.
    Make sandwiches, cut up some fruit and vegetables. Take bottles of water or juice. Or even something from your SodaStream.
  • Make everything that you want to eat, bring it all from home

Where can you go for a picnic that doesn’t cost?

  • A public park
  • A beach
  • A playground
  • Your backyard
A Free Afternoon of Fun - Having a Great Picnic without Spending

Having a Fun Picnic

You don’t have to eat and run, think of somewhere that your kids can run and play and work off some of the energy while you set everything up, or after eating. Maybe pack a Frisbee or soccer ball to encourage some play.

Want to save even more while having a fun afternoon? Don’t buy plastic or paper plates, cups and utensils. Bring your own dishes, preferably plastic if you have it so you don’t have to worry about something breaking.

There are some nice picnic baskets that come in a backpack which comes in handy with you are taking your kids places and want your hands to be free. Then again, you could just make your own with an old backpack.

Don’t forget to clean up your mess before you leave!

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