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Mini Donut Recipes

Mini Donut Recipes

Mini donuts are fun food. They are perfect for parties, perfect for a fun Saturday afternoon with your family. There are so many fun and different recipes out there. Today we’re sharing some of these mini donut recipes with you. Mini Donut Recipes How to make Mini Donuts: If you are wondering how to make …

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Cinnamon Roll Mini Donuts

You know that I make everything from scratch, but sometimes I just wanna take the simpler path, make a great tasting treat for myself or my family without spending hours in the kitchen. While I had planned on making these from scratch I didn’t want to waste my time, and ingredients in case it didn’t …

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peanut butter mini donuts

Peanut Butter Mini Donuts

There is nothing quite like breakfast that should be dessert, and that’s what these are, or at least that is what we did. A special breakfast now and then is just what we all need. These simple peanut butter mini donuts are simple to make, and when dipped in a little jam, or maybe a …

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