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Cinnamon Roll Mini Donuts

You know that I make everything from scratch, but sometimes I just wanna take the simpler path, make a great tasting treat for myself or my family without spending hours in the kitchen. While I had planned on making these from scratch I didn’t want to waste my time, and ingredients in case it didn’t work out… I saw a can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in the store and grabbed them. Best decision because these cinnamon roll mini donuts were delicious.

Cinnamon Roll Mini Donuts

Cinnamon Roll Donuts

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Breaking open the tube was the most difficult part of this for me and second up was break all the cinnamon rolls apart. Spread all the cinnamon rolls out as soon as you open the can to save yourself the trouble later on.

Cinnamon Roll Mini Donuts

Cut your cinnamon rolls into four. Spray down your donut maker with Pam, close it, and plug it in until its ready to go.

Pop a section onto each donut maker place, a close it.

Cinnamon Roll Mini Donuts

It looks a little crispy on the edge. That would be the cinnamon sugar baking/burning. Normally I completely rely on the lights of the Bella Mini Donut Maker to tell me when they are done, but with these I completely relied on my nose. You can smell the goodness and you’ll know they are ready to come out.

These we amazing! I just found a great new way to make cinnamon rolls or donuts. Perfect for hot summer days when you don’t want to run the oven but still want the fresh baked cinnamon roll goodness in your mouth, and tummy.

Now I’m sure that you could probably make them with a homemade cinnamon recipe, but sometimes simple, fast and ready to go is just what you need.

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