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Did You Know This About Teaching Textbooks?

We have been using Teaching Textbooks for a few years now. They have changed things through the years and the changes have been amazing. There are a few things about Teaching Textbooks that you might not know about …

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Did You Know This About Teaching Textbooks?

I am not a math person. I don’t enjoy numbers. We stumbled through pre-k through grade two math, and that’s when things got so much better. That’s when we were finally able to start using Teaching Textbooks.

I want to share our favorite things about Teaching Textbooks that you might not know about. And these are just some of the reasons why we continue to use them.

Parent Management

With their Parent Portal, you can look at the grade books of all of your children in one place without having to open individual grade books. You can also find the eBooks, Answer Keys, added Practice Problems, parent Settings, and more!

This is also where you are going to customize the settings for each of your children’s math. You have total control over:

  • hints – whether you want them to have them or not
  • second chance – do you want your child to be able to try the question again?
  • scratchpad – do you want your kids to use it or is it a distraction for them?
  • can your child skip lessons? Or do you want them completed in order?

Did you know you can limit how many lessons your child does in a day? I didn’t know a parent would need this, to be honest. But you can limit them to 1, 2, 3 lessons a day, or set it to unlimited lessons a day.

Are you taking a vacation?

Pause your digital course for a total of 90 days. While this is great for planned vacations it’s also nice to have that feature because life happens and sometimes homeschooling through difficult times isn’t an option.

You can make lesson changes easily.

As their parent, you have the ability to delete a grade for a lesson or single problem from the grade book. You can also change answers as you need. We do this when working through questions they didn’t quite understand from time to time.


My absolute favorite thing is the self-grading and the running course average. Our first year or two didn’t have the running course average (or total average at all), which is my favorite feature of app.

Teaching Textbooks emails you a Daily Progress Report of work completed by your student for the day. All problems in the lesson must be completed in the lesson to trigger the email. It’s great for independent learners.

Unprecedented Help

If the teaching they’ve embedded with each problem doesn’t help answer your child’s questions, they provide free phone tutoring. The TT program is designed to prevent each student from failing no matter what level of support your child may need.

And while I have never used the phone option, I have emailed for support and received amazing, fast, help.

About Setting Up Teaching Textbooks for a New Year

When a course is purchased, a start date is required. The start date can be set for the same day or any time in the future.

They have a Large Family Discount Plan that allows families with more than four children enrolled in courses to have a discounted cost. The plan can be used for up to eight students. There are some rules and restrictions.

Not sure if Teaching Textbooks is for your child? Try it out! They offer an amazing trial. It is a complete version of the app that your child can use for up to 15 lessons.

And once you have paid for the full version all their grades for the trial will be automatically transferred and their progress saved.

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There are many more amazing features of Teaching Textbooks, and there is no way I could list them all here. I completely 100% recommend that you give them a try with your kids this year. Check out their FAQ for any questions you might have too.

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