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The Unexpected Benefits of Homeschooling

There are so many benefits to homeschooling your child. There are the usual benefits of homeschooling of course such as the actual education that your children receive. But there are unexpected benefits too.

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The Unexpected Benefits of Homeschooling

For example, my children are so much closer than they would be if they weren’t homeschooled. They can play together, and entertain each other. They can also push each other buttons amazingly well too.

Watching your child get something

When they read their first book and figure out a tough math problem on their own, there is nothing like it. Knowing that you had something to do with that is an amazing feeling as a parent.

Homeschool Friendships

Seeing your children form closer friendships with each other than typically found in other school settings.

Age often defines the age group that which public school children form friendships. Homeschooled children are interacting with children of various ages whether in co-ops or homeschool groups as well as in other activities.

They aren’t limited to forming friendships with kids that are only their ages. Between being out in public and going to homeschool groups where they aren’t separated into age groups.

Freedom to vacation in the off-season

Feel like going on a family vacation but don’t want to deal with the crowds? Not a problem, because you are able to travel at anytime. You can school from anywhere.

One of our favorite family vacations was going to British Columbia in May one year. The weather was beautiful, the places weren’t crowded, it was perfect. And we didn’t worry about missing school or having to take extra worksheets around.

Freedom to vacation in the off-season.

Field trip to the zoo or museum when everyone else is in school

Our favorite time to go to the science center is an hour or so after they open. An hour because they have shows they put on and morning because everyone is in school.

Knowing exactly where your child excels

Everyone learns at different rates, if your child has learned something quickly, there is no reason to not move on to the next. And vice versa. They can learn at their own pace.

Balanced home-cooked lunches every day

Add to the fact that your child can help make or even do it on their own, home economics if you will.

Kids love to learn how to cook and bake. My oldest proudly made an apple pie for our Thanksgiving. She also loves to make different muffins for lunch.

Extra cuddle time, and extra time to use their imaginations and play outdoors

My daughter has said her favorite part of homeschooling is getting to go to gymnastics, playing outside, and going to the skating rink when everyone else is in school. Freedom would be her favorite part of homeschooling.

I don’t have to worry about them having sick days, instead, we cuddle and watch TV or documentaries if we want to learn a little something.

What are the unexpected benefits of homeschooling that your family enjoys?

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