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Easter Number BINGO Cards

Easter is right around the corner! Easter Number Bingo is an addictively fun way to work on number recognition, counting, and more. Grab your copy and have some math with your kids this Spring.

two easter bingo cards with text overlay

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Easter Number BINGO Cards

The playful number game is perfect to use as a math center, small group game, or homeschool activity with preschoolers and kindergarteners who are ready to tackle those tricky teens.

Preping for Kids

To prep, I printed the Bingo boards on cardstock to give them extra durability. I also laminate all things like this that we use repeatedly because my kids can be a bit rough with things.

I chose to cut the cardstock before laminating them and then cutting the laminated cards apart again. This gives them a good lamination without a side of the cards that lamination will come apart from the paper. And if like me, a spot to pick at.

Easter bingo cards sample

You could also choose to leave the cards together to give them two cards each easily.

Years ago I bought plastic bingo markers, and we still have the majority of them still now. That’s what I use in our home to play bingo with. This printable does come with pink and blue markers that you can print out to use as well. It could be great cutting practice in cutting those out.

Printable Number Bingo is a fun way for kids to work on number recognition for numbers 1-99!

When playing Number BINGO, especially with reluctant learners, keep the mindset that you’re going to have fun while exposing your child to numbers.

This Easter numbered BINGO game includes 12 different numbered BINGO cards and two blank cards BINGO cards for you to create your own as needed.  It also includes blue and pink markers that you can cut out for your learners to use.

two easter bingo cards with text overlay on white background
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