Do you know about the Arctic fox? They are fascinating animals that live in the colder climates of the world. Learn more about them in this post, including their physical characteristics, diet, and behavior. You might be surprised by some of the things you learn!


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We are a family of animal lovers. We love to watch documentaries and shows based on animals. It’s natural that we learn about animals individually in our homeschool as well.

Arctic Fox Facts for Kids

They are very interesting creatures and have some amazing features that make them perfectly suited for life in the coldest environments on Earth. Let’s explore some of the most interesting facts about arctic foxes.

Books About Arctic Facts for Kids

Arctic Fox (A Day in the Life: Polar Animals) – Follow an arctic fox through its day as it eats, sleeps, and cares for its young.

Arctic Foxes – An interesting and informative look into the life and behavior of Arctic foxes for young readers. This book covers the physical characteristics, habitat, family life, and behavior of Arctic foxes.

The Arctic Fox’s Journey – During the winter, the arctic fox begins an incredible journey. She heads north through the tundra, toward the top of the world. No larger than a house cat, she faces treacherous obstacles, frightening predators, and bitter cold along the way. 

Arctic Foxes – Learn how the arctic fox survives in frigid temperatures! Did you know that arctic foxes have the warmest fur of any animal-or that they don’t shiver until temperatures drop to around a frigid -112°F (-80°C)?

Arctic Fox Facts for Kids

Arctic Foxes Are Awesome – What’s that springing into the air? An Arctic fox! He lands, breaking through the snow. He has caught his lunch. Learn more about Arctic foxes and how they survive in the frigid tundra.

Arctic Fox: Life at the Top of the World – The arctic fox is an extraordinary creature. No bigger than a house cat, it survives on almost nothing in the middle of land so hostile it seems incompatible with the very existence of life.

Fox Coloring and Activity Book For Kids – This coloring and activity book is for kids that LOVE foxes! Awesome just as a coloring book but packed with fun information and activities about Fennec, Arctic, and Red foxes (along with a few others).

Fun Cute And Stress Relieving Arctic Foxes Coloring Book – This book was created for those who love to relax and color, while also appreciating Arctic Foxes and the amazing animals around us in the world today!

Grab the printable above to learn more about Arctic Foxes in your homeschool this year. It’s perfect for elementary ages learners. When you combined it with the resources below you get a full Arctic education planned out. (With more to come in the future!)

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