Thanksgiving Dishes for Hosting this Year

Do you host Thanksgiving? After a number of years of us just being our small family for meals, we actually can host and have family and friends over for meals. Which means we need to have dishes for everyone to eat off. Have some nice Thanksgiving dishes for everyone is nice.

Thanksgiving Dishes for Hosting this Year

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Thanksgiving Dishes for Hosting this Year

Do you need to have special dishes for Thanksgiving? Absolutely not! Grab a stack of paper plates if that works for you. No judgment from me, we used paper plates all last summer while our well ran super low.

There are some really nice plastic, disposable plates on Amazon. They look nice like no one is going to judge you for not wanting a pile of dishes to.

Now, if I was buying paper plates and cups I would just go ahead and buy this great set: plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, tablecloth, and banner. All your needs and decorations in one.

Thanksgiving Dishes for Every Year

Maybe you are more like us and you are just hosting a small get-together and you really want some nice dishes and you’re not worried about washing dishes, HELLO dishwasher! These are really nice dishes. You could use them throughout autumn instead of saving them for just one meal too.

Serving Your Thanksgiving Turkey

While people aren’t necessarily going to be paying attention to what your turkey is laid out on once it is cooked you might want a nice platter to serve it on anyways. There are some really beautiful options.

You could just lay it out on a cutting board but this is much nicer and feels more festive, and just more like an adult hosting a large meal for family and friends.

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