UnBoxing Boss Club Business Kits

Homeschooling means that we get to encourage our kids in any path that they choose to take. When you have an animal-loving child with an entrepreneurial spirit you find something like Boss Club and their business kit for making homemade dog treats.

UnBoxing Boss Club Business Kits

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I don’t know the first thing about making or starting up a dog treat business. The great thing is that I don’t need to know anything. Everything needed to get started is in this box.

UnBoxing Boss Club Business Kits

There are quite a few different kits now that you can choose from giving your child a choice over what kind of business they want to start. These kits are for kids aged 7-14. At this time there are seven different kits.

  • Homemade Dog Treats
  • Gourmet Cake Pops
  • Luxury Bath Bombs
  • Mouthwatering Fudge
  • Handcrafted Soap

What’s in the Box?

The Start-Up Guide – From creating the product to launching your business and growing your business. It’s all here in the start-up guide. It covers creating a name, and logo for your product and packaging it. The start-up guide covers everything your child could need, and maybe even more.

Ingredients – Flour, peanut butter, seasonings, and more are here in the kit for you to make your homemade dog treats, including the cookie-cutter!

Packaging and Selling – Treat bags, ingredient cards, a sign to promote your business, and more is also included.

Why You’ll Love Boss Club

  • Easy to Follow: Step-by-step instructions are included in every box that provides structure with plenty of room for creativity. 
  • Encourages Confidence: What’s more valuable for your child: a weekend being an entrepreneur or spent in front of the TV?
  • No Trips to the Store: Each box has everything you need. Get started on your fun weekend project right away.
  • Ignites Creativity: Entrepreneurship teaches creativity and initiative, and schools are lacking in this type of education today.
  • Homeschool Credit: Can count as extra-curricular credit!

Why are there no pictures of us using it right away here? My kids decided that it was a great time to get a cold this week when all the great mail was arriving. I do mean all the great mail. There will be a follow-up to this post of Austin, 12 years old, doing this.

UnBoxing Boss Club Business Kits

Does your child dream of their own business? Austin is always trying to think of ways to have her own little business, to make some money because she wants to save for college or her first car. She has a very entrepreneurial spirit and I want to encourage her and give her the tools she needs to succeed.

For Older Entrepreneurs

Boss Club doesn’t just offer these kits.

They also offer a semester-long course for students aged 11-18 years old to design and launch a small business. It covers the basics of product design, pricing, marketing and sales, financial reporting, and community stewardship and actually implements these concepts in the business they have created.

You can learn more about it under their homeschool tabs at the top of their page.

We as homeschool parents get the unique opportunity to encourage and help our kids follow their dreams, whatever their dreams may be. We aren’t forcing them to learn about and go do something that is unnecessary, or outdated.

Instead of telling them, they need to start thinking about where they want to work when they are finished with high school and college, we get to encourage them to follow their passions now.

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