My Favorite Self-Isolation Things

We have been self-isolating and social distancing from people for over a month now. That’s with a move in the middle because we had the move planned before all of this had started. So here we are stuck home, and I think I would have lost my mind after the first week without my favorite self-isolation things.

My Favorite Self-Isolation Things

My Favorite Self-Isolation Things

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The first and foremost being Internet. I’m not even going to count that as a thing because I would have lot my mind on day one without internet. How horrible is that?

Favorite Self-Isolation Books

Without books the world would be a very boring place, and I don’t even want to imagine it. Living without the library has been hard enough for us, we went at least twice a week before they were shut down.

Thankfully I like buying books. My kids have a lot of books of their own, and I love my Nora Roberts books. Nora Roberts are the only books I buy for myself unless I am buying from a book sale.

OverDrive from the library has been a huge blessing. Being able to get all of us new ebooks to read is heaven.

Book Series for this Summer
These are amazing books that you might want to check out for yourself.

Comfy Clothes

Seriously, why wear anything but comfortable clothing right now? Make up? Haven’t worn it in awhile. My people know what I look like, no need to dress up.

TV Series

We have Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. I love crawling into bed and binge watching my favorite TV series of the moment. I just started going through Bones right now.

Favorite Self-Isolation Craft Kits and More

Craft kits have been giving my kids something fun and different to do, when they aren’t out exploring the yard.

Some of the fun crafts we have been doing are:

My husband and I have been finding our own “crafts” as we work on fitting up the house and build chicken coops. He built, and I plan for our kids to paint it once we get some bright red barn paint.

I just finished painting our fridge. I never though I would be painting a fridge.

My Favorite Self-Isolation Things - I painted a fridge.

A House with A Yard

No matter where we have lived we have had a yard and I don’t think I realized how lucky we are. My kids have somewhere to run off their energy and to leave this Momma alone for a bit.

Because we have returned home, to our own house with a large yard we get to have whatever we want with no one telling us we can’t.

Which is why we bought chicks. Cute, fluffy baby chickens. We bought seven Buff Bantam Brahmas, though we have lost two babies, and went through all the emotions the remaining five are growing bigger and have the cutest wing feathers growing. We also have 6 Easter Egg layers, they’ll lay green and blue eggs. Next week we’re getting baby quail chicks and then that will be it for egg layers.

My Favorite Self-Isolation Things - baby chick

We also have seeds coming to have the biggest garden we have ever had, full of the vegetables and fruits we love. Thankfully we have been working up our garden size over the last couple years and have some idea of what we can handle.

Chickens, quail, and a garden aren’t because of self-isolation to quarantine, or something we’ll lose interest in once this is all over, but something we have wanted for years.

Online Shopping

We can’t go browsing in stores for what we need and want to fixing up our house after renting it out for eight years so long shopping has been amazing. I have a new dishwasher coming from Costco – because know one told me if doesn’t work anymore. We have a new kitchen faucet coming at some point because they broke it, it is still usable but just barely.

With a birthday in the beginning of May, I was able to buy gifts for my girl even if we don’t get to have a party. Thank you online shopping.

Just because we are all trying to do our part and self-isolate and maintain social distance doesn’t mean we need to be bored or not taking care of our needs. We just need to readjust for awhile and do what needs to be done, staying home, and spend time with our family.