10 Indoor Energy Burning Activities

Having indoor energy-burning activities is a must for rainy days and cold winter days. But they are also handy for when your kids just have too much energy to sit down and get any work completed.

10 Indoor Energy Burning Activities

10 Indoor Energy Burning Activities

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Simon Says

This is a favorite kids’ game. It can be fun and easy for parents to bust some energy out of their kids simply by calling our “Simon says ____. ” You can have your kids hopping in place or crab walking around the dining room table.

Red Light, Green Light

If you have a good amount of space for your kids to move back and forth red light, green light is fun. We like to change it up a bit with crab walking, wiggling like a worm, etc. Different movements to burn energy.

Painter’s Tape Hop Scotch

Painter’s Tape doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind so you can use it on the floors. Make a Hop Scotch for them to hop through in between subjects or on the way to a different room.


Just turning music on in my house is enough for my kids to bust a move and burn energy. Plus it can be a fun workout for moms too!

Twister Game

You can either buy the Twister game or make your own with some paper plates. It’s a fun way to get some wiggles out before you start some homeschool lessons or on a day when you can’t get outside to play.


Blow up some balloons and knock them back and forth. Fun!

Hide and Seek

We have three floors. That is three floors of hiding spaces, two sets of stairs to go up and down. Lots of energy worn off before bed, or before sitting down to school.

10 Indoor Energy Burning Activities

Yoga (for Kids)

My kids love Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. We all have our own yoga mats, spread them out across the living room, and stretch together.

Freeze Dance

While you have the music on and you’re dancing around hit pause for a second. Play a game of freeze dance, or maybe even freeze tag.

Obstacle Course

Go over the dining room chair, under the coffee table, and wiggle across the sofa. Turn your home into a simple obstacle course.

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