Hands on Science Experiments for Kids

I am a hands on person, and while I love reading, I love doing too, experiments that is. My kids also love doing too, they in particular love for hands on science experiments. They are all about reactions, preferring the bigger ones.

Hands on Science Experiments

Hands on Science Experiments for Kids

We have been having a lot of fun over the years doing different science experiments, from those that are great for toddlers to those more appropriate for older children.

Baking Soda Eruption – This is a simple, fun for toddlers experiment.

Elephant Toothpaste – My toddler loved this one too, he was easily able to pour the in

Walking Water – Fun for everyone, but not a fast-paced entertaining one.

Mento Eruption – This is a fast-paced one. Everyone, toddlers to adults will enjoy it!

Making a Cloud in a Jar – The one is for older kids, say 5+.

Making it Rain in a Jar – Again for older kids, this is a great way to learn about rain on a rainy day.

Looking for them all in one place? I have a printable PDF you can download. In the download, you will get all of these written out with the ingredients required, and instructions, one sheet for each experiment.