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Little Passports – Science Expeditions

I happen to like science, love having hands-on things to do with my kids which is why we are loving the science expeditions from Little Passports. They are making science fun for parents as well as kids now.

Little Passports – Science Expeditions

Disclosure: I received this subscription in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% our own and we really can’t wait to get our next Little Passports Science Expedition box!

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Little Passports – Science Expeditions

I have often heard homeschoolers often say that they find science intimidating when you are planning, and when it comes to following through.

Science Expeditions

Our first delivery blew my mind and I couldn’t wait to get my kids on it. The bag alone is amazing, it is going to last a good long while, even with inpatient fingers grabbing at it, and it is not a cloth bag. Can you imagine how dirty that would get having it near experiments? The bag is easy to wipe which I just love!

Our first set of experiments is Forensic, which included A Very Berry DNA Extraction, Hints From Prints (my kids love fingerprinting!), and Splatter Studies (which we did yesterday).

Not everything you need is included, for example, the (straw)berry and they are not in season here so we haven’t gotten to do that one yet but we will! But out of the three experiments, that’s the only thing we don’t already have in our house. Included are the things that you may don’t have in your houses such as test tubes and a test tube holder, you can see the rest in the picture below.

Little Passports Science Expeditions

Also included in a “comic” book, we have fun reading this before we get into the science, it’s a great introduction, something I love about the Little Passports subscriptions in general. The book also introduces new words and their meanings of them.

The Lab Notebook is perfect for making notes before, during, and after each experiment. There are also a couple of pages for you to stick your badge from each fit.

science expeditions

We already can’t wait to get our next month’s box in the mail.

Oh, and when doing the Spatter Studies I recommend grabbing a big box to lay your paper in, it will save you a clean-up. When you are holding the dropper 3 feet in the air there is gonna be a mess.

You can see the red up the side of the box, and somehow we still ended up with some on the floor, oh well we tried. We had fun which is the main thing.

Little Passports Science Expeditions