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How to Be Frugal Everyday

You don’t have to pinch pennies, have no fun. It’s not an all or nothing, to be frugal. You just have to smart about it. I won’t lie: we like to spend, I also really like to see the amount money in my account growing. Hard work and determination can make that happen.

How to Be Frugal Everyday

How to Be More Frugal

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Shop responsibly and plan accordingly and you can easily save money for your family.

Maybe your not saving for a house or a newer vehicle, but just wanting to put some extra cash aside for Christmas. A trip. You can save for anything, or work on paying off debt. Or maybe you just want to be more frugal so you can stay home and raise, and/or homeschool you children.

Cut the Steaming Services

Consider whether or not your cable or satellite bill is worth it. We use Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime TV is just a bonus for having Prime for us though and we don’t use it as much, though we use Amazon Music a lot.

Shopping Clearance and Sales

Do I need new flip flops right now, just because Walmart has them on sale? Nope. Sure would like them, but I’d rather save some money for a down payment on a house instead. Or for paying off a credit card.

Use Apps for Saving on Things You Need

There are too many of these apps for me to list.

Groupon – Groupon is an e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services at really great prices.

Local Discounts – for example, I use SuperStore’s Flashfood app where they mark down food that is coming close to it’s expiration date for fast sale. We love it for fruits and veggies, and for meat that can be popped into the freezer. Your local grocery store may have something similar.

Buy Second Hand

This is my favorite way to get a lot of things. Clothes for my kids and I. As well as school supplies, extra books, toys, even furniture we have needed.

This is also a great way to make a little extra money for things you need – selling things you no longer use.

Warehouse Deals

Have you looked in the Warehouse Deals section of Amazon when you are looking for something? This has become our favorite way to shop on Amazon. My kitchen sink, tap, and drain are all Warehouse Deals.

These are items that people may have returned for no reason, these are also items that have had their boxes damaged and Amazon no longer is selling in perfect condition.

We have bought a wine fridge, light fixtures, show curtain rod, and more for house renos from Warehouse Deals and so much more.

Subscribe and Save

We have Amazon Prime, and we make sure of the free shipping for prime members. Are there things that you buy over and over again every month or two? Can you subscribe and save with with Walmart or Amazon or another company for those items?

We have it sent up for 2 things on Amazon right now with saves a little each month, a little adds up after a while.

Big Dos and Don’ts of Being Frugal


  • buy from vending machines
  • buy from convince stores or gas stations
  • use coupons just to keep them from expiring
  • let produce go bad
  • drink from your local cafe (ie/ Tim Horton’s or Starbucks) This one is a big saver for us, we love StarBucks!


  • check out the flyers/sale for the stores you shop at
  • use/eat leftovers
  • meal plan or at least know what you already have
  • stick to your shopping list – don’t buy extras
  • don’t shop while hungry

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