Earth Day Crafts and Activities

Over the past couple weeks, I have been talking to my girls about all things Earth Day-related. The three R’s, with a big focus on reusing. At six and almost four, I’m not expecting them to remember everything that I tell them, just exposing them to it. Crafts and activities reusing items is the perfect way to do this.

Earth Day Crafts and Activities

Earth Day Crafts and Activities

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We’ve read  Don’t Throw That Away!, got some great ideas for reusing common everyday items. We also read Why Do We Recycle?, This book is great for learning about recycling instead of throwing garbage on the ground, in the ocean, and such. I have one more book to read this morning before school: Fancy Nancy: Every Day Is Earth Day, we love Fancy Nancy.

We have done a few crafts too!

Painting with Toilet Paper Tubes

I took some toilet paper rolls and cut different lengths and sized slits in the bottom of a few. Some packing paper I saved from Walmart online orders, and paint, and we had a fun little craft.

Recycled Materials Art - Toilet Paper Rolls

Painting with Old Markers

Another fun activity we did reusing items that would normally be tossed right away was painting with markers.

We took some drying out markers that normally would have been tossed away and put them in a little water. Took some more of the packing paper and drew a beautiful picture!

Recycled Materials Art - Old Markers

You also can have some fun with the water leftover. If you put each color into a different cup to keep the colors separate, or put them together as we did to have some “rainbow” color.

Recycled Materials Art - Old Markers

You can check out some other great Earth Day ideas on Pinterest.

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