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Apple – Peanut Butter Wraps

I was going through pictures this morning I came across the pictures for this, and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t shared this already. These apple peanut butter wraps are my girls favorite lunch. And they are perfect for Austin to take to school. Make sure to check out the other peanut butter and/or apple recipes that we have.

Apple Peanut Butter Wraps

Apple – Peanut Butter Wraps

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These wraps are super easy to make. Healthy, getting some protein, fruit, and grains in. And, I find they are filling, though there is no filling my children.

What You Need:

  • large tortilla
  • peanut butter
  • apple – sliced

How to make Apple – Peanut Butter Wraps

All you need is a (large) tortilla, peanut butter, and an apple. Spread peanut butter over your tortilla, bringing it to the edge on one side.

Apple Peanut Butter Wraps

Top with diced apple, with or without the skin still on. My kids know I don’t peel apples, and I rarely peel potatoes.

Apple Peanut Butter Wraps

Now, roll it up. I tuck the ends in, then roll it up from the side. On the edge/side you brought the peanut butter too, roll towards it. The peanut butter will keep it wrapped nice and tight acting like glue.

Apple Peanut Butter Wraps

Now doesn’t that look good?! And it takes no time at all.

Hubby looks at us like we’re crazy when the girls ask for this. Apparently, he doesn’t think it looks or sounds as great as it is. His loss.

My daughter’s school is NOT peanut-free, in fact, there is nothing that they aren’t allowed. At this time there are no allergies in her school… if there were, I would have no issues with it and she’d be taking something different to school, we are NOT going to risk anyone’s child.

UPDATE: We homeschool now so these are a staple in our house!

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