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Spring Bucket List 2015

Spring has finally arrived! And left. And arrived. And so it continues. But I am very optimistic that it will arrive, and it will stay at some point very soon. As soon as the newest layer melts away.

spring bucket list

Here is our spring bucket list:

  • bike rides
  • hop scotch
  • walks
  • trips to the playground – once the water surrounding it has disappeared
  • weed the flower beds and perhaps add some new flowers

Just some simple fun.

spring bucket list

We have had some very beautiful days already, two weeks ago it was so nice that we dug out the outdoor toys and trampoline.

My girls have been spending hours outside everyday, even when the temperatures haven’t been warm they have been outside enjoying the fresh air.

spring bucket list

I love it! I hated being outside as a child… and I’m still not a outdoor person… but my girls are loving it, and when we take Gauge out, we carry him back in kicking and screaming.

As you can see, we’ve been outside having fun, and in reality have gotten a number of things crossed off our list already, but we’ll be doing them again and again.

I also have Spring Bucket List for our Vacation:

  • get our toes in the Pacific Ocean!
  • head to the aquarium
  • the bug zoo
  • see the Rockies

Did you guess that we are heading to beautiful British Columbia?

Do you have a spring bucket list?

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