Transform your Bedroom from Drab to Glam

Hello ladies, thank you for having me today. On my blog Glamista Home, I talk about transforming your world from boring to glam. When I say that, I mean how you can add a little glitter and glam here and there to feel better about yourself. You can create a beautiful way of life with only a few tweaks.

Ladies, we are fabulous! We take care of everyone around us: our partners, our children, parents, our co-workers and pets, but the one person we typically forget is ourselves. How great could it be if we took some time out of the day to spend on us, ourselves, our well-being. Put some mascara on, paint our nails, relax with a cup of tea and a good book. As much as we want to do that, at times we simply don’t have the right place to just let loose.

I think with just a few tweaks here and there, your bedroom could become a glam place where you could relax and recharge! Here are some tips how you can easily make-over your bedroom to a peaceful retreat. Today, I would like to share with you two options. First, will be very easy and inexpensive way to transform your bedroom to a more fabulous and pleasant retreat. The second option will be a little more expensive. However, both will make a huge difference in the way the rooms will look and feel.

How to transform your bedroom from drab to glam

Let’s get started!

As mentioned option one is super easy and affordable. Here are the five things you will have to do to achieve a peaceful retreat on a budget:
Clean up. We often have unfolded laundry or ironing board or a basket with dirty laundry hanging around the bed. Clear all the clutter that does not need to be there. Put all your laundry away and hang up all the blouses in the closet. Notice how big the room can feel.

Make your bed. Since your bed is often the focal point of your room, making the bed will have a big impact on how clean or orderly the room can feel and look. An easy way of making the bed is to prop up pillows against the wall or headboard and neatly spreading the cover while folding the top part over. Most comforters are two-sided so the bottom part will create a nice contrast.

Add decorative pillows to your bed. I would recommend two large pillows for more drama and a few smaller pillows to create layers on the bed. Layers make the eye travel and make the space more interesting. Have a look at the couch in your living room, you could grab a few pillows from there and toss them on your bed for an updated look.

Add flowers. Fresh flowers can add a beautiful pop of color to your space. Lilies or orchids look very elegant and can create a spa-like feel. They also freshen up the room and make it feel more alive. If you don’t like flowers on your side table consider a plant, such as mother-in law tongue, which can grow in darker rooms.

Add candles. I would recommend a candle with a scent that is not very invasive. Remember you have to sleep in that space. I would recommend soy candles which burn clean. Some candles come in really cute containers. Once the candle reached the bottom of the jar, the container can be cleaned and, for example, used as a vase or bathroom container.

How to transform your bedroom from drab to glam

There you have it, five quick, easy and most of all inexpensive tips on transforming your bedroom. Now, let’s look at some more expensive options:

Consider repainting your room a different color. Different shades of gray have been very popular in bedrooms as the color can create a cozy atmosphere. If you don’t like the entire room in one color, consider repainting just one wall to create a focal point or add wall paper which can add drama and texture to the space.

Replace your headboard. A new headboard can totally transform the room. There are many companies that offer just the headboard. This is an easy and less expensive way to change up the style of your room as opposed to buying and entire new bed. Check out ZGallerie or World Market for some glamista headboard options.

While exploring headboard options, you might also consider the addition of functional ottoman beds to your bedroom makeover. These beds are not just stylish but are designed with built-in storage solutions that help maximize your space, perfect for tucking away linens, out-of-season clothing, or even those glam accessories that need a home. By choosing an ottoman bed, you ensure that every element of your bedroom isn’t just visually pleasing but also contributes to a more organized and tranquil retreat.

Replace your side tables. There are so many stores that offer amazing side table options , HomeGoods being one of them. I can also recommend checking out Target for a less expensive alternatives or West Elm which offers some great reclaimed wood side tables.
Change your bed sheets. If you are in a bedroom funk, but you love your furniture try to update your sheets and comforter. I am a big fan of white linens, because they brighten up the room and can be easily matched with all kinds of different color accessories. Most of all I always feel like I’m in a spa after I changed up my sheets.

Add or change your window treatments. Curtains from a different color family can alter the style and feel of the room. Replace dark window coverings with white or light beige velvet. You will be amazed at how light and airy your bedroom will feel and look, not to mention velvet can add an elegant touch to your bedroom space.

How to transform your bedroom from drab to glam

So here you have 10 ways of updating your bedroom and making it feel more welcoming. If you really wanted to change your room you can change up your lamps and add a fabulous chandelier. Adding a comfortable chair is an easy way to create a reading nook where you can relax with your favorite read.

I hope you have enjoyed these ten tips on how to upgrade your bedroom to transform it to a pleasant spot where you can relax and recharge. Don’t forget to take, even if it’s just a few minutes of your day for yourself. Put yourself in the focus, because you can be so much better at taking care of others if you take care of yourself and your well-being. Have a glam day!