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Weather in a Jar: Part 2

This was a cute activity. The kids had fun with it and even changed it into something more than I had intended which made it that much better. Our weather in a jar part 2.

A clear jar – an old peanut butter container, since I refuse to throw them out -, shaving cream, food colour, and water.

I filled it 2/3 of the way up with water then topped it with about an inch of shaving cream. I got a  few little bowls of water with a few drops of food coloring in each and some small measuring spoons so only a little got added at a time.

I asked them if the shaving cream looked like something we see outside sometimes. The obvious answer here was snow. Every where we look outside right now, there is now. Bird poop was another… have I mentioned that I watch 3 boys?? I gave some hints like what do you see when you look up and then finally asked them if it looked like clouds. They agreed that they looked like clouds.

 They each added a little color to the top then looked at me.

All they saw was this ^.

Then I got them to look down at the water from a different angle.

They got rather excited here, adding more colour and checking to see if they could see it.
It was a great chance to talk about mixing colours.


And then the phone rang and this happened.

I asked what happened – stirring the shaving cream into the water a little.

I got them to stop adding water and asked what it looked like now.  They said brown, orange and black.
I asked if maybe if looked like a storm or rain. Then I got thunder for an answer. 🙂

They then added some more coloured water to see if they could get it to turn to orange.

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