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The Main Benefits of Purchasing Real Estate in Spain

In the last few years, buying apartments in Spain by the sea has increased several times. International investors invest in houses, apartments, and commercial facilities, using them for private purposes and making money.

In the last few years, investment in real estate in Spain has increased several times. Overseas investors invest in houses, apartments, and commercial facilities, using them for private purposes and making money.

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Pros of purchasing real estate in Spain

  • Big choice. In the country, you can buy a variety of real estate. There are luxury apartments and commercial facilities. A profitable purchase will be a villa on the seashore or a house where you can relax during your vacation.
  • Benefits for investors. People who have invested in real estate in Spain can apply for a residence permit. According to experts, the state does not refuse investors but, on the contrary, helps them in every possible way.
  • Great prospects. If you have purchased the property in this country, you are entitled to a European education, a prestigious job, or promotion of your own business in Spain.
  • Affordable prices. Here, elite real estate or cheaper options for houses and apartments are available. Different regions have different prices, so you can choose the most suitable choice.
  • Profitable investment. Commercial real estate is always in demand, while private real estate can be rented. She brings the highest income in the summer, during the holidays.
  • Mild climate. Spain is pleased with warm summers and mild winters, it is very comfortable here, so the country is the best option for moving.
  • The possibility of getting a residence permit in Spain.
  • A good level of profitability in the case of investments in tourist real estate, approximately 6-7% per annum. In this case, we are talking about tourist real estate – objects not only on the first line of the sea in resort villages but in large cities – traditional tourism centers.
  • Simplicity of the transaction of purchase and sale. In addition to a loyal attitude towards foreigners, the opportunity to purchase by proxy should be noted – a convenient option for those who do not want to miss a good object but do not have the opportunity to attend the signing of documents personally.

Experts predict that real estate in Spain will become more in demand. Therefore, investors can earn in the future by investing in it now.

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Various possibilities for obtaining a residence permit

If you decide to live and work in Spain, you should consider several options for obtaining a visa:

  • Buy an apartment up to 500,000 euros (in this case, a No Lucrative visa is provided).
  • Purchase of housing worth 500,000 euros (Golden Visa).
  • Investments in companies of the country with an investment amount of 1 million euros.
  • Having your own business or creating jobs in Spain.
  • Purchase of government bonds from 2 million euros.
  • Opening a deposit account in a local bank for 1 million euros.

Visa type D is prepared within 10 working days. After that, a person receives a residence permit for two years. Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan often use this scheme.

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Varieties of residence permit

If you already live in Spain, you can apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit. Unfortunately, the first type of document does not give the right to receive income in the country. It is more suitable for processing scientists, volunteers, trainees, workers, EU residents, and those who came to relatives who are residents.

A permanent residence permit is issued by families whose members are citizens of the European Union, have lived in Spain for at least five years, or have a “blue card.”

Obtaining a residence permit by investment, however, is popular among foreigners. For Russians, as well as for those who, for some reason, cannot come to the country, there is the possibility of processing a transaction through a power of attorney. Spanish property has become the most popular in the last couple of years. And you can choose the right option by looking at current offers from developers and real estate agencies. 

Simplify obtaining a residence permit

For your convenience, here is a scheme by which it will be easier to obtain a residence permit:

  • Contact a qualified realtor. The site Spain-Real.Estate has proven experts.
  • Prepare a package of documents.
  • Contact the consulate.
  • Wait for approval.
  • Get a visa D.
  • Register for a period of temporary residence.

It is possible to start choosing real estate and quickly compare prices for houses, apartments, and apartments by the city in Spain today.