Starting a mom blog is easy. Continuing with it daily and turning it into something that you can feel good about spending time working on is another story. But it is rewarding when you can contribute to your family’s finances.

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How to Start A Mom Blog

I’m saying mom blog loosey because I’m most likely talking to moms. But you can write about whatever you are passionate about. It could be homeschooling, dogs, cats, cooking for your family, anything.

Like I said, starting a blog is easy. I’m going to walk you through the steps right now.

Pick Your Niche.

Decide on a niche (what you want to write about) and then a name. Once you have a name you need to buy the URL for it. If you have picked something unique you should have no problems with it being available.

I use GoDaddy to buy my domains, my URLs. I have more than I have sites because I have an idea and then grab the URL in case I want to follow through on the idea.

Pick a host.

I have used a few different hosts through the years, from the low bottom of the barrel, wouldn’t recommend to anyone, to better hosts. One I can feel good about recommending to someone new to blogging is SiteGround.

Set Up WordPress

You do not have to have a fancy theme on your site to start. There are more than enough themes to choose from in WordPress. WordPress is super easy to use and you can find YouTube videos to walk you through anything you are having problems with.

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Start Writing.

It is going to take time to build an audience and earn an income. Time and focus.

The key right now in blogging is to solve a problem for your readers.

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