Hacks for When You are Too Tired to Teach

Sometimes we take a little too much for ourselves once our kids go to bed and binge a show on Netflix, or spend the night reading a book you said you would only read for an hour. Been there! What happens when you are too tired to teach your kids?

Hacks for When You are Too Tired to Teach

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Hacks for When You are Too Tired to Teach

Hack #1

It’s first thing in the morning and you are downing coffee or your morning beverage of choice. But you know what else you really need to drink right now? Water. You need to drink a lot of water. Hydrating will help you feel more awake.

Hack #2

Keep a shortlist of educational movies on hand that fit a variety of subjects. Keep some in your list on Netflix or Prime Video to make it even easier.

When the movie is done have your kids write down 3 things that they learned from the movie. Then spend some time having them share the things they learned.

Hack #3

Keep a stash of ready-made activities that have educational value. Board games that they can play themselves, or don’t require a lot of thinking on your part are great.

Hack #4

Don’t overthink lunch. Use leftovers. Or if your kids are comfortable in the kitchen let them do the cooking. Math + Science + reading = a successful school day.

Hacks for When You are Too Tired to Teach

Hack #5

Always keep a stash of chocolate for this type of emergency. Use this as your last line of defense for the last hour of the day.

Hack #6

Get out of the house. Take the day’s lessons outside in the fresh. Take a walk. You’ll be amazed at what fresh air can do for you and how it can perk you up.

Try not to make a habit of staying up all night enjoying time to yourself. Find a way to carve out some time for yourself in the day, or at least set a timer for when you need to put the book away at night.

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