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Donut Creative Writing with Art

Mini donuts. I mean, who doesn’t love mini donuts? They were the inspiration behind this donut creative writing and art printable. Because we not only love to eat them, but we like to decorate them too, and anything can become a homeschool lesson.

Mini Donuts creative writing

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If we had to label our homeschool style I would say we’re eclectic homeschoolers, almost unschoolers. We learn from everything that is happening, whether that is ripping a wall out of our kitchen – which we did right before Christmas. Or it’s making mini donuts.

Donut Creative Writing with An Art Element

Making mini donuts is actually really easy, and your kids could easily make them themselves. With that in mind, I made this fun creative writing set with an art element. Because my kids, like so many other kids, love to be creative.

The idea behind this is simple.

Work your way through the pages, including the final drawing page. All your child is doing, is designing a donut. They will be asked to:

  • describe it – stating their option, and reasoning for their choices
  • sketch out how you want might want it to look
  • a final picture of how you are going to decorate your mini donut

How We Use This Mini Donut Printable

I might make the mini donuts myself while they are working on their designs.

I might let them make these their self before or after creating their designs. There really is no wrong way.

I enjoy making and serving mini donuts before we have tea time, or before we sit down to watch a documentary on Curiosity Stream. It makes it a good full afternoon of learning covering different subjects this way.

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