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Backyard Summer Camp: Science Lab

This week is all about SCIENCE! Science experiments are a lot more fun when you aren’t worried about making a mess in the house. This is why a backyard summer camp science lab is a perfect way to spend the week.

Backyard Summer Camp: science lab

Backyard Summer Camp: Science Lab

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I don’t believe that we should have our kids scheduled for every minute of every day. My kids don’t expect me to entertain them. I’m pretty sure that the only time they tell me that they are bored and expect me to entertain them is because I am doing something very exciting, like cleaning a toilet. Yes, apparently that is my kids’ idea of a fun time.

Science Lab Activity Plans

The great thing about science experiments is that kids often want to do them again and again. They want to try different ways of doing things to see what kind of reaction they get each time. This is their way of learning and having fun while doing it.

Bouncy Balls – Did you know that you can make your own bouncy balls? I had no idea a few years ago. They are easy to make, and kids have fun with them.

Ice Cream in a Bag – Have you ever heard of making your own ice cream in a bag? I haven’t tried it yet, but it is on our bucket list for this summer.

Temperature & Water Density – This one, you really want to take outside for your kids to do. If you are doing it for them to watch, then maybe you can do it inside, but … This is a great backyard summer camp science lab activity.

Bouncy Eggs – Who doesn’t love this activity? Let your kids bouncy these eggs as much as they want, and as much as the eggs can take. Doing this while they are outside and it’s ok if the egg gets everywhere, you can just hose it away.

Lava Lamp – My kids have never seen actually a lava lamp but this was still fun to do and watch. It was really easy to do, to set up, not hard to find items needed. We were all really into this one, Hubby and I included.

Wizard’s Brew – Talk about fun! I’m sure we all have pretended to make witches or wizard’s brew as a child. Now you actually can! I’m always looking for fun things to do with my kids, and with summer weather (just about) here, we can get outside and make a mess!

Giant Bubbles – Have some fun in the backyard with these giant bubbles. Just how big can you make bubbles?

Extra Learning

A few years ago I bought a Pocket Microscope for my kids. This has been the best piece of science equipment that I have bought in our five years of homeschooling. It gets used in the house, and we can easily take it outside for some fun and fast learning. We can look at almost anything under that microscope without damaging or interrupting nature.

How is your summer going with you DIY Summer Camp? I hope you are enjoying the summer with your kids.

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