Valentine’s Day Heart Craft -Flap Book

A fun holiday is coming up soon, Valentine’s Day. We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day but we do a little something, a craft, and of course chocolate. This Valentine’s Day heart craft is a good balance of learning and of fun because school shouldn’t have to be lacking in fun.

Valentine's Day Heart Craft - Flap Book

Valentine’s Day Heart Craft – Flap Book

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I created this craft for us to do on February 14th, and thought it might be something you would want to do with your younger elementary-aged kids. Or you could easier do it with younger kids helping them write down their words.

Fun coloring and cutting skills practiced with a little writing thrown in. Not a lot of writing because we still want it to be fun.

This heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Craft helps students reflect on and describe what makes the people they care about special. It is a fun, easy prep, Valentine’s Day Activity where students can describe what they love about themselves, their family, and their school or town.

In the image above you can see that the last page/flap is school, in the printable I have also included Community for homeschoolers.

I printed ours out on thicker paper so that it stood up to being opened and flipped through repeatedly.

You can have kids either staple or glue the pages together. We used Elmer’s glue, not glue sticks, and it has held together great. Glue sticks didn’t hold up well to it being opened.

Valentine’s Day might only be one day of the year, but use the day to show people you love them. Use this day, and others, to show your kids how to love and be kind to everyone.

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Valentine's Day Heart Craft - Flap Book