Why I Use Digital Tools in Our Homeschool

For the past two weeks I have been sharing how we are using the free Google digital tools in our homeschool, and how I am going to be using it even more this coming school year. Why not use the tools that are there, already on our devices to our advantage? Especially the free ones. We are getting more and more creative as we have go along using these tools in different ways for each of us.

Why I Use Digital Tools in Our Homeschool

Why I Use Digital Tools in Our Homeschool

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Here are some of the convinces of using digital tools for homeschooling:

Homeschooling with YouTube

In this day and age, nearly everyone knows about YouTube, but some homeschoolers still haven’t discovered how helpful it can be for visual learners. There are several educational channels available with fantastic learning videos.

Using Google Docs

Google Docs is ridiculously handy for assignments, tests, notes, and really any document you need to create for your homeschool. Online and accessible from any computer as long as you have a gmail account. This is rather helpful for homeschoolers who are on the move, which is a lot of us, we really don’t stay home as much as some might think.

Google Calendar

Everyone needs reminders once in awhile. Google calendar not only makes it incredibly easy to keep track of tasks and appointments, but you can set up notifications to your phone so you won’t miss an activity.

Why do I use (online) digital tools:

I use online tools because they are convenient. Oh man, seriously, they are free to use, and make things easier for homeschool moms like myself. Why not store homeschool information and documents on my Drive so that I have access to them wherever I am.

Why not use use these resources so that we can homeschool from anywhere? I think that is my favorite perk. We can travel, and still get our school work done if we have our devices.

Storing my kids portfolios online made moving province to province to province 100 times easier. I had everything I needed at my finger tips

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