Planning a Road Trip with Your Kids

Have you planned a road trip, or taken a road trip with your kids? We only travel by car (or truck) when we go any where, it doesn’t matter how far we’re traveling. I know a lot of people cringe at the thought of traveling with their kids for any distance, because kids have a lot of energy and its quite hard to burn off energy when you’re stuck sitting still.

Planning a Road Trip with Your Kids

Planning a Road Trip with Kids

Planning a Road Trip with Kids

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Snacks! I have a small container full of snacks – granola bars, rice krispie treats, Goldfish. Simple things to hand back to them.

Tablets. Our kids have cheap tablets from Walmart, in kids Kindle cases to protect them. Now with Netflix download and go, they’ll have some of their favorite shows to watch. Plus some apps.

Headphones. If they have shows to watch, they’ll need headphones so we don’t have a bunch of different shows competing against each other.

Audio Books. I have gone to our library a gotten a few different books for us to listen to, including Mr Poppers Penguins. We got the book as part of our BookShark curriculum and thought we might get a jump start this way.

Books. We’ll of course have books. Some of our favorite books go with us. As we traveled across the country we took books about Canada.

Sleep. I know they’ll be napping, which alone makes for great traveling with kids. My oldest believes that sleep is best left for bed, which made for great sleep in the hotels. We still took along travel pillows and blankets for comfort.

Burn Energy  when and where ever you can. Bathroom breaks make for a great opportunity to burn off some energy. We would play a quick game of tag at road side stops that had the space, and/or restaurants.

Do you travel with your kids by car? What are your tips for travel?


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