Must Have Items for Traveling with Kids

We have gone on a number of road trips. From one day trips to numerous weeks trips. We’re not pros at traveling with kids, but we do know what does and doesn’t work… for our kids, and maybe they’ll be the same for yours!

We have traveled to Saskatchewan, to Nova Scotia and back again, all driving, always with children. Now that we are planning yet another road trip, this time to British Columbia, I feel like I have a pretty good idea on what we need, besides clothing and such.

 must have items when traveling with kids

I do still panic at the thought of being trapped in a moving vehicle with three children, though, no matter how well I feel I plan ahead. This is Gauge’s first road trip, so I’m a bit nervous about traveling with him.

Snacks. Let’s start first with the most important. Food solves most problems. Too noisy: feed them. Bored: feed them. They are going to wear all the food off the moment their feet hit the floor anyway. And snacks do not have to be unhealthy.

Comfort items. Blankets. Pillows. Something to make children (and adults) a little more comfortable while strapped into their seats. Kids will, without a doubt, fall asleep, a small pillow can help stop neck pain. A blanket in case someone finds it too cold.

Toys. Some new toys can take away the boredom. They don’t have to be expensive, the dollar store is great, or yard sales, or lending libraries.

Art supplies. Paper and crayons, markers, and/or pencils. Make a game of drawing a picture of the rest stops, a vehicle you saw, etc.

Travel clothing. I make sure the kids are wearing comfortable clothing. Despite the girls usually wanting to wear skirts and dresses but instead they wear shorts or loose pants. No having to be careful getting out of the vehicle, and they can run around in some grass at rest stops.

Have you gone on a road trip with your children? If so what are your must have items.