Love Math Again with Discovering Learning

Sometimes math can get to be a little much to do in our house, not just for my kids but for myself as well as I’m not really a math person, I’m more the language arts teacher. Just changing things up now and again is a great way to get everyone’s interest again, which is what Discovering Learning has helped us with.

Love Math Again with Discovering Learning

Love Math Again with Discovering Learning

*This post is a sponsored post in which I have received product and will be receiving compensation. All opinions are 100% honest.*

We were lucky enough to receive Discovering Learning Level 1, for my beautiful Brookland. She is grade one, and six years old, she really needs colorful, and fun to keep her interested and that’s what we got. The booklets have a lot of pictures, the pages are fun not boring like a lot of math books are. She actually likes to do it and not fight against doing school work.

Level one is intended for children aged 4-6. I would honestly put it at perfectly at a kindergarten level, Brookland flew through Unit 1 quickly, making it a good refresher.

Love Math Again with Discovering Learning

Level 1 Discovering Learning Math is:

  • Gain confidence in Math early on
  • Learn how to count without fingers
  • Add and subtract 1’s and 10’s
  • Learn pasterns and shapes
  • Solve logic problems and probability
  • Tell time and count change

The great thing with these booklets is you can continue forward through the books as your child understands the math and take it slower when they need some extra help as it’s better not to rush. In each level there are 10 booklets, every month your child receives a new Discovering Learning math subscription package. What kid doesn’t love getting mail?! It’s just one more way to get your child interested in doing math.

What You Get

Level 1, Unit 1 came in the mail, in a nice little box. Inside, there are two booklets, the workbook for your child to do and an answer booklet. Included as well was a pen. They encourage you to use a red or green pen for correcting to show the importance of self-learning and finding and correcting mistakes. There is also a test to make sure that your child has learned all the skills for continueing on.

Make sure you check out Discovery Learning on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Love Math Again with Discovering Learning

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