Kids in the Kitchen – Kitchen Safety

I am a big fan of getting kids in the kitchen. I think that it is an important life skill, and one that I want my kids to thrive at. If you want to get your kids started in the kitchen, the best place to start is with kitchen safety. Make sure that everyone stays safe.

Kids in the Kitchen – Kitchen Safety

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I think this needs to be said first, not just for when your kids are cooking, but something for them to learn for when anyone is cooking:

No running in the kitchen while cooking. Teach your kids to also turn pot and pans handles inward so they don’t get bumped and spilled causing burns.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Safety skills to teach your kids start even before they even start cooking include washing.

  • Washing their hands, teach them to scrub under their nails too!
  • Washing the counters or other surfaces that they will be using.
  • Washing any fruits and vegetables that they will be using.

Neat and with Permission

  • Make sure that long hair is tied back, especially when using a mixer. As well as rolling up their sleeves.
  • Make sure your kids know that they need to have permission and adult supervision when cooking.
  • In keeping with washing, make sure they understand how dangerous it can be to leave messes such as spills uncleaned. Flour on the floor is very slippery.

Safely Using Knives

  • When using knives make sure to use a cutting board, and knives only with adult supervision.
  • Finding knives the right size for small hands is important too.
  • When cutting cut in a downward motion using a cutting board – repetitive I know, but if you want to keep your counters looking good, use them, and it is less likely that the knife will slip when cutting when using a cutting board.

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