30 Minute Meals for Busy Days

I am not a great meal planner. I have great intentions and that’s as far as it usually gets. Thankfully I can work under pressure and 30-minute meals have become my specialty.

30 Minute Meals for Busy Days

30 Minute Meals for Busy Days

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beef burrito skillet

Beef Burrito Skillet – A beef burrito skillet, no rolling them up, arranging them in a pan to bake. This is a one-skillet meal, saving you time and cleaning up time.

Simple Chicken & Veggies

Simple Chicken and Veggies – Here’s a simple chicken and vegetable meal to get you through supper time even when you don’t want to cook. It’s full of taste, and healthy food.

eggroll skillet

Eggroll Skillet – If you like eggrolls, you are gonna love this! It makes me want to make actual eggrolls too, but since they are too much work, this is the next best thing, and delicious.

chicken fajita pasta skillet

Chicken Fajita Skillet – this chicken fajita pasta skillet is the best. Not only is it quick and easy to clean up, but you’re getting all the food groups in there too.

Skillet mac & beef

Skillet Mac & Beef -I have tried a lot of different recipes, but they usually fall short in some way or another. Unlike my Korean beef, a big winner around here, as well as my Seven Layer Dinner. This skillet mac and beef did not disappoint.

Sweet Garlic Chicken

Sweet Garlic Chicken – We love chicken, we love garlic, and when foods are a little sweeter, my kids eat a little faster, with less whining. Sweet Garlic Chicken is simple to make.

Korean Beef

Korean Beef – This recipe is one of my kids’ favorites. They all request it, they all eat every bite. It’s like a miracle.

Quick Apple & Chicken Skillet

Quick Apple & Chicken Skillet – Being big apple eaters, this recipe was a hit.

Asian Ground Beef

Asian Ground Beef – This Asian Ground Beef is really easy to make, plus on the bonus side, it can be ready in 30 minutes! My favorite kind of meals, even if hubby is making them.

Easy Sloppy Joes

Easy Sloppy Joes – Not only are these ready in less than 30 minutes, but they also require very few ingredients.