My Favorite Homeschooling Blogs

I love checking out other blogs, seeing what they are sharing, seeing what they are doing, and of course all the amazing content that they are sharing.

10 Homeschool Blogs

My 8 Favorite Homeschooling Blogs

I try to lean towards secular homeschool blogs, because that’s what we do. There are so many blogs out there, that you are sure to find something that you’ll connect with, that has something amazing to offer. Not all of these blogs are perfect for our family, but they all have some much to offer that picking and choosing they are great.

Weird Socialized Homeschoolers – My favorite homeschool blog to read, there is always something to think about.

The Canadian Homeschooler – Simply said this is a great resource for all Canadian homeschoolers, both the hows in Canada, as well as great resources, because there aren’t a lot for in Canada.

Simple Homeschool – Here is an absolute gift to homeschoolers. Links for even more great resources, books that Jamie has written (which I have read!), and so much more.

Growing Hands on Kids – This is the blog to check out if you want to be more hands on with your kids, or are looking for more ways to be hands on.You can also find printables, free, to use with your kids.

Alicia Hutchinson – This is a relatively new to me blog, but as I was scrolling down her home page I was opening pages in new tabs like crazy, I figured I had better add here it.

1 + 1 + 1 = 1 – These site offers so much. Tots, Preschoolers, and older; free printables available.

No Time for Flash Cards – Here you go, ditch the flash cards, here are the resources for parents and teachers filled with multi level, easy to follow , and fun activities for young children.

The Homeschool Resource Room – This is another secular homeschool mom who knows what you are looking for and gives it to you.

Rock Your Homeschool – There are always great, fun, educational resources here for you and your kids. Looking for Halloween inspired games? For free? Go here!

I Can Teach My Child – you’ll find activities for young children, resources for parents, and crafts here.