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Let Kids Be Kids Outside

Kids hear often enough that they need to use quiet voices and walking feet in the house or in the school. When we get kids outside let them be kids! Let them run and yell, and be kids.

They need to get that energy out. That’s part of the reason why recess is so important in school. Once they get to be kids outside: having fun, yelling, running, etc; they can concentrate a lot better.

Let Kids Be Kids Outside

let kids be kids outside

Let Kids Be Kids Outside

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Tag – Let them Run

Tag is so much fun when you can run as fast as you want. The energy they burn off now will also help their bodies to still calmer at the dinner table or sleep more soundly at bedtime. There are a lot of different versions of tag too. Introduce them to some of them, it will keep the game fresh.

Mud Pies – Let Them Get Dirty

Let them make mud pies with some extra things from your kitchen. A container that you lost the lid to will make the perfect mixing bowl. A spoon that you won’t miss from the drawer.

Hide and Seek

There are so many places to hide outside when your a child with an active imagination… and when you think you can hide behind the truck of a tree.

Chalk – Let Them be Creative on the Sidewalk or Rocks

The great thing about chalk is that it washes away with just water. It doesn’t matter what your kids draw on – sidewalk, trees, toys, etc. Let them get creative where ever they get inspiration. I just washes away with water.

Visit a Playground

We like to go to the playground at least once a week, in the summer, very early in the morning, because the local playground equipment can get really hot. But any time that you can visit a playground is the best time.

Remember to Just Have Fun

My biggest piece of advice here is to let your kids be. Remember how much you loved the playground as a child and let your children love it too. Hubby sits back and cringes as our kids play, but he remembers how much he loved it, and how much they love it.

As a parent it can be hard to let your kids do things that you know can hurt them at some point, but they need to be kids.

let kids be kids outside

Other things for to do outside:

Soccer. Baseball. Kite flying. Science experiments (really get their minds working). The possibilities are endless.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.