20 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

The minute the kids are out of school, I form a summer bucket list in my head. It’s creative and awe-inspiring, but most of the ideas get forgotten. This year to make sure we actually do these activities; I decided to write and share them with you to be more accountable. But, it’s still about the fun!

20 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

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Outdoor Summer Bucket List Ideas

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1. Have Fun with Bubbles – those large bubble wands seem like a blast

2. Go to the Park – the swings are my favorite

3. Collect Shells or Rocks – at the beach

4. Play a Childhood Game – teach my kids stickball, hopscotch, and other games of the past

5. Jump Through a Water Sprinkler

6. Fly a Kite – need I say more?

7. Go on a Nature Trail – you can find one in almost every area, just research

8. Eat Out – make and eat a picnic lunch

9. Watch a Parade – or join one

Indoor Summer Bucket List Ideas

10. Movie Nights – change them up by dressing for the part, adding decorations and snacks that fit the movie

11. a Museum – choose a subject that your family likes and there’s bound to be a collection. See if free admission is available.

12. a New Recipe – make something quick and delicious like a salad or sandwich wrap

13. Get Crafty – great for rainy days

14. Plan a Trip – even if it’s a day trip, get your children involved

15. Reading List – pick up some library books and activities, or join a reward program. Your kids will like it and so will you.

20 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

Travel Summer Bucket List Ideas

16. Staycations – they are inexpensive, but when done right, so much fun

17. Visit a National Park – annual passes are available and there are discounts for seniors and persons with disabilities

18. A Three Hour Tour – try a dinner cruise or a week-long cruise

19. Travel as a Couple – if your child is responsible, he or she can travel alone

20. Road Tripping – Nothing says summer like a long drive with boredom busters included

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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