Great Reasons for Skipping School Lessons


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After years of homeschooling, I don’t always feel comfortable skipping our lessons but some times it can’t be avoided.

This down time is a great time to let them learn about what interest them, for them to explore their hobbies, for them to be kids.

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Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and the Curiosity Stream are full of documentaries that are going to keep your kids learning during time away from the school.


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Playing board games is a great reason for skipping school lessons.

Board Games

My kids would be he first to tell you that if they have a book in hand then I’m not as likely to make them put it away to start lessons.


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A good lens is likely to outlive your camera body because good optics are not prone to obsolescence like your fast advancing electronic hardware.

Getting Outside

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One of the best days to skip lessons is because you, or your children need a mental health day. Take the day to spend time together, in your own space or however it is needed.

Mental Health Days