This is a great arctic animal for kids activity to demonstrate how penguins, polar bears, and other arctic animals stay warm with their layers of fat.

What you need:

– ice cubes – cold water – shortening – baggies – latex gloves                (optional)

What child isn’t wondering how arctic animals stay warm considering we make our kids wear layers of clothing in the winter and the animals just have fur.

Try putting a hand or just a finger into the cold water first, before using the shortening glove.


Stick your hand inside a Ziploc sandwich bag. Wrap a bar of shortening around the hand, and then another sandwich bag on covering the shortening.

Clean-up was basically non-existent because we just had to slip our hand out of the baggie and toss the whole thing in the garbage.

Put your hand in to the icy cold water and see how it feels. Feel any cold?