Google Slides in Your Homeschool

I am attempting to move some more of our homeschool lessons online in addition to math.  Using Google Slides seems like the perfect tool for doing this, and it’s free.

We’re moving into a very digital life, and I want my kids there too. Homeschooling and not using the technology we have would be a disservice to my kids, and that is the opposite of what we plan to do for them.

Limited screen time shouldn’t mean they aren’t learning to use all the tools available to us.

Instead of “throwing them to the wolves” in terms of teaching your children to use technology and Google Slides, why not teach them how to use it.

Teach them how to: -add text -add images -add tables -add comments -and more!

You can teach your preschool, or your kindergartner to use Slides. They don’t have to be that young though to cover, or to re-cover these instructions.

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