Summer Camp at Home

Let’s start planning our summer camp at home with a different theme for each week.

I have 10 different themes to keep you and your kids entertained this summer at home.

Water is the best part of summer! Jumping through the sprinkler, swimming in the pool, water balloon fights, and everything water related for cooling down.

Water Theme

Crafts Theme

My kids love to craft! I love to craft too, which is why I just bought a Cricut, but back to kids crafts.



this Summer

Science Lab Theme

Science experiments are a lot more fun when you aren’t worried about making a mess in the house. Which is why a backyard science lab is the perfect way to spend the week.

What kid doesn't want to be a spy? To sneak around, make invisble ink for letter writing and more!

Spy School Theme

Camping Theme

We are definitely going to be camping in our backyard again this year.

Animal Theme

Let's learn about animals, and pretend to be animals. We'll hop and crawl around. Learn about insects and more!

Nature Camp Theme

into the backyard we go for our own take on our own DIY Backyard Summer Camp with our theme this week being: nature camp.

Sunny warm days are more fun to think of than cold windy days and homeschool lessons still to be completed. Having backyard summer fun planned at home is a great way to enjoy being at home this summer instead of taking a family vacation.